Dr. Chet Weld

“My mission in life is to attribute nobility to all people. Everyone has a personal quality that I admire."

Appointments & Contact Information


For appointments call 520-791-9974.  You may email Dr. Weld at cweld@renewalcenters.net. Also, he presently accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health Care, Tricare, Aetna, other insurance companies, and several EAP’s.  If you call Renewal Centers for an appointment, the administrative assistant will ask you to call your insurance company to find out your co-pay.

Also, you can contact Dr. Weld through his business Facebook page, “Psychology and Christ,” at facebook.com/drchetweld.

Dr. Weld administers a variety of psychological assessments.  He does not do custody evaluations, prescribe medication, or go to court.


Dr. Weld’s office is located at the northwest office of Renewal Center Counseling Services near the northwest corner of Ina and Oracle.  The name of the office complex is Sun Center, just north of Family Life Radio on the west side of Oracle.  7445 N. Oracle Rd., Suite 155, Tucson, AZ, 85704.

Please arrive at your counseling session 20 minutes early in order to read and fill out the intake sheets.  Also, you can download the intake sheets ahead of time.  These forms can be obtained from http://renewalcenters.net.



4 thoughts on “Appointments & Contact Information

  1. Dr Weld,
    Good Morning. My name is David Gibson and I was referred to you by a lady that you’ve counseled in the past. If possible, I would like to see if I could get on your calendar and see if you can help me figure some things out. A few of area in life that I struggle with are depression, anxiety, spiritual growth and feeling that I am trapped (not free). I feel something is keeping me from experiencing life and enjoying it. This may be kind of weird and I know that you don’t know me from can of paint, but I wanted to share a poem that I wrote my wife about 1 week ago sharing my thoughts with her:


    An amazing wife
    3 beautiful girls
    God trusted me with
    Should be my world

    I know you’ve been hurt
    I know you’ve been scarred
    You didn’t ask for this
    My heart has been hard (en)

    9 years is a lot for a person to endure
    A life full of hell, that I feel, there’s no cure
    I battle with this everyday
    The picture of Christ you show, I guess has forced you to stay

    You deserve so much better
    Then I could encompass in a letter
    I’ve let you down
    I wish I could do better

    I daily ask God for strength, knowledge and wisdom
    That you and the girls don’t follow my ways
    I am truly sorry
    Your life is like a roller coaster, sometimes for days

    I have everything a man could want
    Still I lack to make it make sense
    I still wander why
    God would allow me to spend most of my days on a fence

    You should be my best friend
    Yet I blow you away, like dust in the wind
    I have no answer for why that is so
    I think I know how life should be, but maybe God’s answer is No

    Don’t know what the truth is and what it is not
    I’ve ask God the question, No answers I’ve got
    I feel I’ve lost hope in every getting better
    Counseling and meds hasn’t put things together
    I feel I should have all the answers
    When asked how I’m doing
    I give the standard response
    So my days not ruined

    I wish I couldn’t wait to come home (like I should)
    I feel so trapped and all alone
    I wish my spiritual life was better
    But yet I still haven’t grown

    I have no answers for anything
    Maybe God is using me for something
    I wish that I
    Could be that “something”

    Again, I’m sorry for the disappointment I’ve caused
    I write this with tears in my eyes
    To say that I think I’ll get better
    Would only be telling you lies

    Not sure where to go from here
    To deal with the pain
    Because maybe tomorrow
    There will be nothing to gain

    I still hope and pray that God will answer my prayer
    At a blank wall I feel that I stare
    I wish God would give me the answer
    So our love for each other, we could rightfully share

    Thanks for your time.

    If you have any questions, my info is below.

    David Gibson (971-1198 or dmgusafvet@yahoo.com)

    • David,

      Thank you for being honest and vulnerable. My heart goes out to you, my brother, and I’m going to write you a private email. Talk to you soon. Blessings, Chet

  2. Dear Chet,
    Just making sure you received my 5 email responses I just sent you, the last one being my song for you?
    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist

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